If you don’t know who recovering Never-Trumper Mike Waltz really is by now, you need to watch him in his own words:

"Don't let Trump fool you.

Look into his real record

and stop Trump now."

Watch Video: "STOP TRUMP NOW"

by Michael Waltz

"I'm Lieutenant Colonel Michael Waltz. I've served multiple tours in Afghanistan as a special forces commander. Donald Trump hasn't served this country a day in his life. Essentially dodged the draft in Vietnam through multiple deferments. He's been fed through a silver spoon. Went to boarding school. Says it was so tough he felt like he was in the military. All Donald Trump has served is himself. Don't let Trump fool you. Look into his real record and stop Trump now."

"American Future Fund is responsible for the content of this advertising."

Publication date 03-10-2016


So Who Is America Future Fund?

LA Times - March 4, 2016: As Donald Trump goes for a decisive win in the March 15 Florida primary, voters there will see commercials denouncing him as a fraud.

"America, don't make the same mistake I did with Donald Trump," says a man in one ad, part of a trio of testimonials from people who say they were scammed by his Trump University real estate course.

"This is yet another desperate attempt by the out-of-touch establishment elites and dark money that control the weak politicians to maintain control of our broken and corrupt system," said Hope Hicks, a campaign spokeswoman for Trump.

American Future Fund's leap into Republican primary politics represents a new wrinkle in the world of so-called dark-money groups, the politically oriented nonprofits that jumped aggressively into elections after the Supreme Court's landmark 2010 Citizens United decision. In 2012, the group served as part of a network of nonprofit organizations linked to billionaire businessmen Charles and David Koch.

American Future Fund's founder, Iowa political operative Nick Ryan, did not return calls and emails seeking comment. Neither did Sandra Greiner, a former Republican state senator from Iowa who is now the group's president.


Read it all @ DARK MONEY


 CD6 should not be represented by a recovering NeverTrumper


Fred Costello is the one true #MAGA candidate you can trust to stand with President Trump.  While Waltz was making NeverTrump videos, Fred was the first CD6 candidate to back Trump in 2016. 








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