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Mike Waltz calls US the Swamp?

Mike Waltz's words were dripping with arrogance and contempt for you, the voters of Congressional District 6.
Here's what Recovering NeverTrumper Mike Waltz said after Fred Costello listed all the distinguished local and state leaders who support his bid for Congress, including Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, Citizens for Trump, Florida Right to Life, Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox, numerous Florida state and local lawmakers and 23 CD6 mayors:
"You are part of the Volusia establishment. 
You are the establishment. 
Some would even say you are the local swamp."
Wait!  Did he really say that about Congressional District 6, the community he seeks to represent in Congress?  Did he just insult the voters of Congressional District 6 by calling US "the local swamp?"
This was witnessed by a packed house at the News-Journal Center in Daytona Beach.... a house that was filled with a crimson sea of Fred Red supporters that DC swamp dweller Mike Waltz insulted.
You have to see it for yourself to believe it!  Click the link to hear Fred's uplifting closing statement about standing for US, followed by the cheap shot from Mike Waltz dismissing us as "the local swamp." 
Click this image to watch recovering NeverTrumper Mike Waltz's swamp insult to US:  
It reminds us of Hillary dismissing Trump nation as "a basket of deplorables."
Oh, did we mention that Mike Waltz has NEVER voted in Florida?  He doesn't even live in Congressional District 6.  He claims the house he bought with his mom in St. Augustine Beach is just "200 feet" from our boundary.  Not even close. Mike REALLY lives at 411 G St SW in Washington DC, where he claimed a homestead exemption last year, the same time he registered to vote for the first time in Florida's Congressional District 4  Not here, Mike, not even close!.  He can't even vote for himself.
So, as a fellow dweller in the "local swamp," Fred asks for your vote. 
Don't let DC swamp dweller and recovering NeverTrumper Mike Waltz steal OUR CD6 seat from us. 
Tell this arrogant, contemptuous pretender NOT IN OUR HOUSE!  Why is Mike so mad? 
Fred pulled away the curtain and revealed that Waltz and Ward are BOTH CARPETBAGGERS.
Vote for the one Authentic #MAGA candidate who is one of US and has served us for decades
Vote for the one candidate you can TRUST to stand with President Trump.
Fred stands for US! 
How do you know?
He always HAS!
He needs to you stand with him by casting your vote by mail, at early voting or on August 28,


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