STATEMENT FROM DR. FRED COSTELLO: "I will not apologize for telling the truth"

Definition of carpetbagger: car·pet·bag·ger (kärpətˌbaɡər)

“a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have

no local connections.”

I will not apologize for telling the truth, with which Mr. Waltz seems to have only a casual acquaintance, at best. A candidate for Congress should be made of sterner stuff. His description of the people of CD6 as the “local swamp” demonstrates his utter contempt for the very same voters he seeks for support. The carpetbaggers can’t lie their way out of this.

1) Waltz lives in Washington,DC. He is on the deed with his mother on a home they bought in St Augustine (outside CD6) in August 2017 at which time he registered to vote in Florida for the first time.. Waltz has NEVER voted in Florida. Waltz qualifies as a carpetbagger. I stand by my comments. No apology.

2) As a former USAF Captain in the Vietnam Era, I have always complimented my opponents on the fact that all three of us have served our country by serving in the military. Please quote from debate to show that I thanked my opponents for their service to our country ... and followed with saying that they have never served us in CD6. I stand by my comments. No apology.

3) My VOTING RECORD resulted in my having an NRA “A” rating and being “NRA Endorsed.” The NRA changed my “A” rating to a “?” and stripped my “NRA Endorsement” because I said I would have supported the school/student safety bill signed by NRA “A+” rated Governor Scott. My VOTING RECORD remains an “A” record that earned the “NRA Endorsement” prior to the NRA stripping it for comments made and not in response to my VOTING RECORD. I stand by my comments. No apology.

4) I did not spend the debate night “trashing Ron DeSantis” as Waltz claims. A review of the video (seen here) 

will reveal that I expressed support for Ron DeSantis, as I did in 2 previous campaigns after the primaries. I did dispute the accuracy of a 6-year old quote that Waltz attributed to to our Congressman. We realize the truth gives Mr. Waltz a toothache. He’s invited to call my office to make an appointment.

So NO .. I don’t apologize for telling the truth. But just as Waltz should apologize to President Trump for saying “Stop Trump Now” and that he is “Unfit To Serve”, Waltz should apologize to the voters of CD6 for lying about my record and his comments made at the debate.

This is not about me, this is about the voters hearing the truth about the candidate who will best serve them.




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