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This is the 'office' page for volunteers who work online, like from home.  Welcome!   Want to know how you're doing?  You may already be on our leaderboard (updated every 24 hours).

Self-directed (you know what to do!)
ShareWe recommend that you come here every day or every few days to click the green link below and email your in-state and out-of-state friends who want to keep Congress red this November.  Also, please do use the buttons below regularly to share on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere.  Alternatively, you can just surf the site until you find a page you want to share and click the 'share' buttons at the bottom of any page - share a different page every day.  Some suggestions:  Fred's Pledge, Volunteer, our Current Poll, Fred's Blog, our Events, the Yard Sign Order page, and of course, our Donate page, that's important, too!

If you need help or direction...
Please join us every Thursday at 7pm from your computer or tablet (at home or out and about) for a help activist video conference - sounds hard, but it's really easy!  Just click the link, then you will have 2 big green 'Join Meeting' buttons in a row - click them both.  When prompted that some software is installing, please approve it - it's safe.  Do try and read the 'self directed' instructions above - they're actually easy enough, even for you.  Just be bold and click what you are willing to try - you'll be helping Fred in a big way!

We'll be asking for Interns soon... with $tipends!
We'll be undertaking interns after the primary - both paid and unpaid.  In both cases, you get a highly responsible position in the campaign that you can use as a job reference in the future and you learn tons about the internals of politics.  Most internships will be digital which means you can work from anywhere.  Applying will be easy, too: just send us an email with two items:  1) the number of hours you feel you can work each week and 2) less than two hundred words about why you'd be the best choice to be selected as an intern.  Why less than 200 words?  We want to assess your skills for writing persuasive Tweets and Facebook posts!  Be sure to volunteer on the Volunteer page and check off the 'digital' checkbox.

HINT: Want to ensure you really get our attention and favorable consideration?  Start rising now on our leaderboard - email tool above is very productive, as is the Facebook Share button.

More Coming Soon.  Check back!




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