Michael Waltz is running his campaign from afar .. floating above us and using his money to punch his ticket.

Oh .. you wanted to contact Mr. Waltz?

The Waltz Campaign website has no email contact link .. no phone number to call.

Go ahead and try directory assistance. They've never heard of him.


Without your help, our opponents Ward or Waltz could succeed in parachuting in to our congressional district, get elected, and never be back. How can one tell? They have no Events and no Contact page on their web pages or Facebook pages. No phone. No email. No Contact form.

They won't appear at the local candidate events. They do not want to talk to you or hear from you. Fred's contact info is there for you - both on his web site and on Facebook. Fred's contact info is here for you  - both on his website and on Facebook.

Or just call him at home .. Fred's number is in the book.


Dr. Fred Costello has lived and worked in our community for 40 years. He's been our mayor in Ormond Beach, our state representative in Tallahassee, our dentist, our neighbor, our friend. He doesn't need a map to find his way around our district. And when we elect Fred to the U.S. House of Representatives, you'll still see him around. His phone number is in the book. He's one of us. Fred will work for us.

How do we know that? Because he always has.

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