California Voted - Was there a blue wave? Nope. More like a trickle

The California Election 2018 primary has come and gone.

It was real, and it was spectacular.

Yes, I wrote that, as a beleaguered California conservative and Trump supporter. Election results worked out quite well in our favor and for the country as a whole. Was there a blue wave? Nope. More like a trickle, and the results portend a red resurgence of sorts. Perhaps a red wave will finally wash over the country and finish in the Pacific Ocean.

By Arthur Schaper @ 

For the past 8 years, from the Tea Party wave of 2010 to the present day, I watched with sad dismay as blue states like Pennsylvania and Michigan have gotten redder, while California has gone from cobalt blue to outright asphyxiation.

This time around, the tide turned and for the better.

The most important candidate is John Cox. Cox gained incredible momentum within two weeks with President Trump’s help, vaulting into the top two to face off against “Gruesome” Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco. 

Looking past the primary, with a strong bench of statewide candidates and a welcome Republican turnout for Congressional and state races, it’s evident why Trump made the call that he did. For the MAGA agenda to continue, Trump needs GOP majorities in both houses of Congress.





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