America's most prominent NeverTrumper supports Michael Waltz

The Washington Times - America’s most prominent #NeverTrumper, Bill Kristol, will be in New Hampshire, home of the “First In the Nation” primary, speaking at a must-show event for potential presidential contenders.

Kristol, who famously predicted that President Trump would not win the Republican nomination or the Presidency, was so opposed to Trump’s candidacy that he became the face of the #NeverTrump movement and has continued in that role.


If Fred Costello received a donation from William Kristol  

he would return it.


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These days, Mr. Waltz says he's for our president. Who knows, maybe he is. But should Democrats win back the House on Nov 6  (See - Dems now favorite to take House...  I don't want my congressman to be a recovering NeverTrumper and voting on the articles of impeachment.

At Victory Fredquarters 111 N Causeway, New Smyrna Beach

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