Issues: Florida's Interests in Congress


MAGA: Solid with Trump 
Fred has never switched sides as others have.  He's been with Trump all along.
Track Record of Integrity in Tallahassee
Fred is experienced in serving the region.  As a former mayor and legislator, Fred has always looked to your interests.  

Lives in the District

Fred is the only candidate who lives in our district.  Fred is the only Republican candidate who lives in the district. Two local Democrats are running but not likely to make it to November.

More Track Record: Fred Cuts Spending
Fred is always on the alert to save taxpayers money and eliminate wasteful spending.  Check his  track record in Tallahassee.
Constitutional Conservative/States Rights
Fred is vigilant protecting our true rights (not the phony ones the libs assert). Your rights. Florida's rights. Rights granted by God, not the government. Among those rights, Fred is Pro-Life, and Pro 2A.  
Florida Values
Put true Florida values to work for you and our country in Congress.  Fred is a champion for good and for service in and to our country.

Paid for by Fred Costello for Congress, Republican, FL CD6

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