Dr. Fred Costello Supports President Trump's Alternative to Obamacare, Low-cost Short-Term-Medical (STM) Insurance

US Representative Candidate Fred Costello declares Obamacare has made Health Insurance Premiums for children explode, plunging them into the ranks of the uninsured. It's time for free market solutions to make healthcare truly affordable for children, families and seniors.

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ORMOND BEACH, Fla., July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Fred Costello officially announces his support for President Trump's Executive Order to make low-cost Short-Term-Medical (STM) insurance last for a full year.  Fred said, "President Trump's option is the perfect tool to help Florida consumers bridge the gap between Obamacare Open Enrollments and save thousands of dollars per year." 

Obamacare is anything but affordable for many families. In Daytona Beach, Obamacare coverage for one child costs $300/month with a $2,000 deductible and $4,000 Out-Of-Pocket for a hospitalization.  As an alternative, short-Term-Medical (STM) is available for $93/month with a smaller $2,500 Out-Of-Pocket.  This is less than 1/3rd the cost.

The National media and Democrats are against this low-cost option for consumers.  Nancy Pelosi said, "Americans purchasing these shoddy, misleading short-term Trumpcare plans will be one diagnosis away from disaster, discovering they have been paying for coverage that may not cover basic care such as cancer treatment, preventative care or maternity care."  Fred says, "Nancy Pelosi is wrong.  These plans are governed by states such as Florida and hospital charges are a covered expense.  Outpatient physician services are a covered expense.  The real junk plans are the Obamacare HMOs that pay nothing when a non-network medical provider is used to treat a serious illness like cancer for a child."

Dr. Costello emphasizes, "Obamacare produces junk insurance that has sky-high premiums and deductibles and skinny provider networks that pay nothing to non-network providers.  STM has smaller premiums and deductibles plus your choice of doctors and hospitals.  This is a better product for consumers."

Fred further asserted, "Many families would prefer to do without mental health and maternity coverage if they could save $10,000 a year in premiums."  The cheapest Obamacare premium in Tallahassee for a 55-year-old couple with two children is $2,115 a month with a $7,350 deductible.  In contrast, the President Trump option offers a $674 monthly premium with a smaller $5,000 deductible.  President Trump is helping such a family save $17,292 a year instead of giving that windfall to the insurance industry."

Employer-based health insurance is expensive too.  The Flagler School District charges teachers $675 a month to add a child to the school's insurance.  Costello says, "Many teachers can't afford these high prices so we have uninsured children.  If a teacher goes to the Obamacare Exchange, that teacher is automatically disqualified from tax credit subsidies because the employer is mandated to "offer" insurance.  As a result, employees are forced to purchase supplementary coverage with after-tax dollars making it even more expensive." 

Dr. Costello says, "Obamacare is a nightmare.  Obamacare allows multi-millionaire CEOs to avoid taxes on their employer-based insurance while working class families are forced to pay with after-tax dollars to cover their children.  Obamacare is creating uninsured children from coast to coast."

A new option for Seniors: MSA Accounts

Fred Costello is a big believer in tax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSA).  Medicare uses the original name of tax-free Medical Savings Accounts (MSA).  Fred promises, "When I'm elected your Congressman I will urge the insurance industry to make Medicare's MSA option available in Florida as it is currently in the State of Wisconsin.  The program is available at no cost to seniors.  It pays 100% after the deductible, while basic Medicare typically pays 80%.  The Medical Savings Account allows your choice of doctors and hospitals.  On January 1st of each year Medicare deposits $4,800 into the senior couple's MSA at the bank that can be used for medical, vision, dental expenses or saved and invested for the future.  Florida seniors deserve all options available and I will not back down."   

More Fred Costello Solutions:

I support allowing all Americans to save for future healthcare expenses in the smartest way.  IRA's and 401K's are old taxed accounts.  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) enjoy tax-free deposits, growth and withdrawals, Amen!  The best tax cut is no taxes.  Money that is never taxed will last longer in retirement.  We need to enhance tax-free HSAs by:

  1. Allowing everybody to open an HSA regardless of their health insurance choice.
  2. Increasing maximum annual HSA deposits to $9,000 for singles and $18,000 for families.
  3. Including medical insurance as an HSA Qualifying Medical Expense (QME).
  4. Making Direct Primary Care (DPC) an HSA Qualifying Medical Expense (QME).
  5. Encouraging the insurance industry to make Medicare's MSA program available in Florida.


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