Fred Costello Supports President Trump: Iran Deal 'defective at its core'

"Are we to simply pretend that the Mullahs are not the chief proponents of radical Islam and the largest state sponsor of terrorism? History teaches the painful lessons of substituting realism with wishful thinking in matters of statecraft. That lesson seems so easily lost among our friends on the Left." 


Some Deal - Billions Sent To Iran


First You Win the Debate

By Gil Gutknecht


The barking and braying of the barnyard baboons in the elite media will continue until they are Trumped again. They are shocked that this brute in the White House would actually pull out of the clever deal that the very smart and urbane Obama team carefully crafted with the Mullahs in Iran.

Perhaps confronting the reality that the final threads of the Obama legacy are unraveling is just too much for them. The former president may be able to build a large presidential library. It may be unusual in its shape and form. But, it will be largely empty of any meaningful accomplishments. Devoid of any legacy.

The lesson was laid out simply and clearly by the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher. It is, “first you win the debate, then you win the vote.” Whether it was healthcare or foreign policy, President Obama never won the debate.

Citizen Trump wasn’t the only one who was embarrassed as we saw pallets of cash flown secretly to the Iranian regime. All while they orchestrated Death to America demonstrations. We all saw it. The pretense that they were really trustworthy and that they only were spinning those centrifuges for peaceful purposes was laughable. Their neighbors knew it.

The Obama team knew that they could never sell this deal to middle America much less a skeptical Congress. They didn’t even try to win the debate. So they didn’t call it a treaty, it was an agreement, a deal. It was a green light special with too much junk in the trunk. President Trump just said no thanks.

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