Fred Costello says YES to Merit-Based Immigration and NO to Sanctuary Cities

“Census data shows that current U.S. immigration policy admits large numbers of individuals who struggle to become financially independent and instead rely on a vast array of government benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers. For instance, roughly half of all immigrant-headed households use one or more welfare program." - White House 5/17/2018


“Our expansive humanitarian-based, family-based, and lottery-based immigration system fails to consider the needs of American workers and taxpayers, who have been burdened by decades of low-skilled immigration that has suppressed wages, fueled unemployment, and strained federal resources,” said the White House.

The White House said that is “a population of foreign nationals that is larger than the entire population of Philadelphia.” It provided staggering numbers of legal immigration under former President Barack Obama. The number of “lawful permanent residents,” totaled 1,761,927 from fiscal 2008 to 2017..

In a related message that amounted to a one-two punch against critics of President Trump’s efforts to make good on his campaign promises to cut immigration, the administration distributed comments made this week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Thomas Homan.

In those, he slammed lawmakers who criticize his officers, and he said that sanctuary cities are hurting immigrant communities.

In a direct attack on sanctuary cities, he said, “The intentional mis-messaging of sanctuary cities and what they do. I hear, ‘They protect the immigrant communities.’ And they don't. It's the complete opposite. When you release a criminal alien from a jail, they're going to go to the very communities in which they live and reoffend. Anybody can Google recidivism rates. Over half reoffend the first year against the very immigrant communities in which they live.”



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