'Our seat has come under fire from outsiders with zero ties to the community'




“I’ve known Fred Costello for nearly 20 years. He is a man of integrity and character, and his moral compass has always been where it should be."

"He is a true statesman among local civic leaders and has all the tools and knowledge needed to be effective for the 6th district in Congress. No one else running can say this."

Fred and I agree 95% of the time, but even on those occasions where we came from different perspectives, he was always available to listen and made me feel like my opinion mattered just as much as his.

If we are going to get Congress to pay attention to our needs locally, we need Fred Costello in our district, particularly as our seat has come under fire from outsiders with zero ties to the community.

I look forward to voting for Fred in August and urge everyone who knows me to do the same.”

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As a veteran and life long supporter of our law enforcement, fire and first responder heroes, Fred is truly grateful and honored to receive the personal endorsement from Mike Scudiero, Executive Director of Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association (PBA).

Fred Costello is the one authentic local candidate for Congress you can trust to fully back President Trump and his mission to stand with law enforcement, stand for the Flag and make America safe, prosperous and great again.


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