Question: What about the residents of the 6th district? What about us?


Kudos to the News-Journal for hosting the Congressional District 6 candidate debates on August 1-2. In the GOP primary there are three choices.

Michael Waltz is a recovering Never-Trumper who has never voted in Florida. Has never voted in our state. And because he does not live in our district, he can't vote for himself in this election. Why he chose to run in this particular race is unknown, as his extensive business interests are connected to Washington DC. Why did Mr. Waltz come all the way from Washington to help us?

John Ward from Boston does not live here either and is likewise not allowed to vote for himself. Why he chose to run in the CD6 race is also a mystery, as his venture capitalist business is primarily based in Massachusetts. Why does Mr. Ward want to represent us?

Both Ward and Waltz are spending vast sums of money trying to buy our seat. Should either man win, we'll see very little of our representative afterwards because neither man lives here. When they lose, we'll never see or hear from either one of them again.

Dr. Fred Costello has lived and worked in our community for 40 years. He's been our mayor in Ormond Beach, our state representative in Tallahassee, our dentist, our neighbor, our friend. He doesn't need a map to find his way around our district. And when we elect Fred to the U.S. House of Representatives, you'll still see him around. His phone number is in the book. He's one of us. Fred will work for us. How do we know that? Because he always has.





Weds. Aug. 1, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Daytona State College's News-Journal Center,

221 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach

Fred Costello

Michael Waltz

John Ward

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