Arizona special election won by GOP .. Democrat expert predicts 'blue-wave' on Nov. 6

blue-wave ?


GLENDALE, Ariz. — Republican Debbie Lesko won the House special election in Arizona Tuesday night 53-47, holding off a closer-than-expected Democratic challenge in a district that President Donald Trump won by 21 points in 2016.

“What you’re seeing is that Donald Trump is toxic, even in bright red Republican territory,” said Rodd McLeod, a Democratic consultant based in Arizona who worked on Tipirneni’s campaign. “Independent voters are dismayed and distressed by what they’re seeing out of Trump’s Washington.”

McLeod said the results augur well for Democratic chances this fall.

“If Hiral did 15 points better than Hillary Clinton, then add 15 points to every Democrat running on the ballot this year,” McLeod added.

Source: Politico 


Uh .. not exactly.

.Because Debbie Lesko did not win by 21 pts in CD8 (as Trump did in 2016) the usual suspects are furiously beating the "blue-wave" drum. What they refuse to admit is that Hillary was such a horrible candidate, that she drove up Trump numbers to extraordinary heights in many districts. As somewhat less awful Dem candidates step up, elections will naturally experience a regression to the mean.

.But never fear .. while finding someone as vile as Hillary is not easy, there are many Donkeys that come close. Some might be even worse.



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