Let's cut to the chase: Waltz and Ward are carpetbaggers.

Definitioncar·pet·bag·ger / kärpətˌbaɡər/ plural noun: carpetbaggers

1. political candidates who seek election in an area where they have
no local connections.

Michael Waltz home address is 411 G Street SW, Washington DC. He owns multiple properties in Virginia. His vast business interests are connected to Washington DC. He co-purchased a house with his mother in St. Augustine Beach FL. July 31, 2017. He cannot vote for himself in this election. Michael Waltz has never voted in Florida.

John Ward moved from Boston to Ponte Verde Beach FL. four years ago. His extensive venture capitalist business is primarily based in Massachusetts. He also has an office in Jacksonville FL. He cannot vote for himself in this election because he does not live here. John Ward has voted in Florida as a resident of CD4

(The above is public record)

‘Carpetbaggers’: Residency arguments play on both       sides of CD 6 race

August 3, 2018

Per a post to his campaign blog, Costello’s campaign spotlighted the words in a recent Daytona Beach News-Journal debate of opponent Mike Waltz, “dripping with arrogance and contempt for you, the voters of Congressional District 6.”

After Costello spotlighted his endorsements, Waltz offered a money quote that Costello hopes will resonate with his supporters: “You are part of the Volusia establishment. You are the establishment.  Some would even say you are the local swamp.”

The contrast, per Costello’s campaign: “Fred’s uplifting closing statement about standing for US, followed by the cheap shot from Mike Waltz dismissing us as ‘the local swamp’.”

“Fred pulled away the curtain and revealed that Waltz and [John] Ward are BOTH CARPETBAGGERS. Vote for the one Authentic #MAGA candidate who is one of US and has served us for decades,” the campaign continues.

This echoes a Costello line from the debate: “They call it the House of Representatives for a reason. It’s not the House of Foreigners. It’s not the House of Carpetbaggers. It’s the House of Representatives.”

Erin Isaac, on behalf of Waltz, offered rejoinder: “Career politician Fred Costello is delusional. He spent the night bashing Ron DeSantis, lying about his standing with the NRA and attacking the military service of his opponents. While Mike Waltz was fighting terrorism, Fred Costello was nursing toothaches. Fred Costello owes Mike an apology for saying our brave Veterans have ‘done nothing’ for the people of this district.”

There are expectations that Waltz will start attacking Costello in ads, as the Ormond Beach Republican is not going away, despite only having $51,308 on hand (at last count).

Waltz and Ward, both heavily self-financed, have on hand more than $616,000 and $467,000 respectively.

Costello, while not on television, nonetheless is competitive with the two first-time candidates, both new to the district, in at least one poll.


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