A Letter from Retired Army Colonel Bob McKeen

The following letter

was shared by

CD6 patriot Bob McKeen,


US Army (Ret.)

who served as a Ranger &

Army Infantry

during the Vietnam War. 


January 28, 2018


Mike Waltz,


I had no idea you were a neighbor (6th District), and that you were running for the 6th seat to replace Rep. Ron DeSantis.  I have been a fan of yours since I’ve seen you on FOX—a military man with special insight into the terrorist activities.


But I have to tell you LTC Waltz, I have been a personal friend and gigantic supporter of Fred Costello for the last 10 plus years. Fred, a USAF Captain, has been an ardent supporter of Conservative Volusia/Flagler County local/state/national activities/issues most of his life.


I won’t repeat his qualifications, as I know you have them. I will simply tell you, he has so much more time/interest/energy invested in our area than you, and you could not possibly catch up to him in 50 years.


I am an unofficial military coalition member of military personnel supporters of Fred Costello in our two county area. While I like and respect you, I will do everything in my power to persuade every military man and woman in the District to support Fred. I know he already has the unofficial support of members of the Halifax Chapter, MOAA, and the unofficial support of members of the County Republican Executive Committee, as well as the two of six local Republican Clubs. I just haven’t gone to the four other Clubs in Volusia County.


As you should know, all this support is unofficial, because when more than one Republican is running, Clubs cannot take an official side.  But, by Primary time, I will have all these activities supporting Fred Costello.


Mike, your great work in the Middle East is recognized and appreciated, but it has nothing to do with the 6th District—it has lots to do with your personal support of National Objectives, but nothing related to the 6th District and your ability to promote and support our needs. I wish you would lend your support to Fred, after the Primaries.


This from a brother in arms—with 31 months combat experience in Vietnam.


Bob McKeen


Colonel, US Army, Ret’d

Infantry, Ranger

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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