In Trump's 2016 win, Volusia County made a YUGE difference. It will again in 2018

“For all the money that was spent, for the all the effort that was made, literally four counties in Florida, one county in Michigan puts us at 261 [electoral] votes and makes Hillary Clinton the president. So, remember that.”

Donald Trump’s Pollster Says the Election Came Down to Five Counties

In Michigan, Fabrizio is referring to Macomb County, which neighbors Detroit, where Trump beat Clinton by nearly 50,000 votes. The vote differential here played a huge role in the small 10,000-vote margin by which Trump won Michigan overall.

In Florida, Trump outperformed previous Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Lee County (Fort Myers), Pasco (Dade City), Polk (Bartow), Pinellas (Clearwater) and Volusia (Daytona Beach) .. these were key in delivering his 1.2 percent margin of victory.

“When you really drill down on this election, if you change the vote in five counties, four in Florida, one in Michigan, we’d be having a totally opposite conversation right now.” 


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